About CRFG

Vision Statement

The Cedar River Festival Group is driven by the key principles of
  • Community Involvement
  • Physical Improvement of the Cedar River ecosystem
  • Appreciation through recreation and celebration of the Cedar River as a local natural resource

Action Statement

Physical Improvement and Recreation Combined in an all-volunteer river Clean-Up
  • Annual cleanup on Cedar River
  • 2017 date Saturday, July 29th
Appreciation and Celebration of the Cedar River as a local natural Resource through the Cedar River Festival
  • 2017 date Sunday, July 30th
Education and Awareness efforts pertaining to the Cedar River by Partnering with other local organizations

Our Values:

  • A clean environment
  • Natural heritage
  • Community
  • Safety for water recreation opportunities
  • Significant contribution having an impact/make a difference
  • Individual contributions for a community shared resource

Board members for 2017 include:

  • Sofie Michalicek, Board President
  • Kristin Guess, Vice President/acting Secretary
  • Emilie Souhrada, Treasurer
  • Marci Willey, at large member
  • Amy Gustafson, at large member
  • Jon Chamberlain, at large member
  • Matt Rigdon, at large member
  • Charlie Wehrmacher, at large member

Board Meeting Minutes: